To picture an Alaskan fishing trip, imagine fish practically climbing into the boat by themselves. The fishing is incredible in Alaska. Remember those nature films of grizzlies swiping rivers of fish by the mouthful? They were probably shot in Alaska. You’ll find that Alaskan fishing trips are no different. People who have stayed in Alaska fishing lodges tell stories of dipping their lines in the water and coming up with a catch. It’s just that easy.

Alaska has some of the finest fly and salt water fishing in the world, which explains the popularity of Alaskan fishing trips. I know one couple who stayed in an Alaska fishing lodge who caught 5 different species of salmon and grilled them up for dinner. Alaska’s world famous Karluk river, near many high class Alaska fishing lodges, is one of the few places in the world where you can sight-cast to Chinooks, silvers and steelheads in knee deep waters. The water is crystal clear and beautiful.

There’s nothing like being the only one out on an Alaskan fishing trip. You’ll find that many of the waters used by Alaska fishing lodges are solely meant for the lodge, so you can fish all day and not see a soul. You’d think that would mean peace and contentment, but then you forget about the fish. The fish practically jump in the boat on Alaskan fishing trips, so don’t expect to be lulled to sleep. These fish mean action!

When it comes to salt water fishing, you’ll find some of the best on an Alaskan fishing charter. Depending on the time of year for your stay in an Alaska fishing lodge, you can fish for all 5 species of salmon, halibut, ling-cod, yellow-eye and even salmon shark. Imagine catching more than 5 species of fish in a single day. That’s what I call a stir fry and one of the finest meals I’ve ever eaten in Alaska fishing lodges.

What makes Alaskan fishing trips so great for salt water fishing is Uyak Bay, which is a large fjord that bisects Kodiak Island. The bay is known for an abundance of wildlife, including whales, sea otters and waterfowl and some extremely big fish. Halibut fishing is a popular Alaskan fishing trip, as many anglers seek to hook some of the 300 pound “barn-door” halibut that frequent the waters. Guests at Alaska fishing lodges often report catching 20 halibut a piece. We’re talking about 20 pound fish on average.

Experience the wonders of an Alaskan fishing trip where the fish practically leap into the boat. Book an adventure at an Alaska fishing lodge for your taste of the action.

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